How are your vinyl records made?


What are your vinyl records made of?


What are the maximum playing times for vinyl records?


What's the difference between a pressed vinyl and a hand-cut vinyl?


Do you offer colored vinyl?



How does the pricing work?


Why do you charge a $20 mastering fee?


Is mastering necessary for my music?


Technical Issues

How do I send my music files?


How do I prepare my music for vinyl?


How do I prepare my artwork?


Can I put any music onto a vinyl?



How long will it take to receive my order?


Can I get a rushed order?



There's something wrong with my order!?


Can you send me a sample?


What is the minimum/maximum amount of vinyls I can order?


What's the deal with your jackets?


Do you offer inserts?


Can I order 12" and 7" records at the same time?


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